How to Sell or Scan Tickets Anywhere Even Without Internet Connection

What Makes EventSprout Unique – Part 3

EventSprout was built by Event Organizers, so we know that internet connectivity can be a huge concern when selling tickets at your event! Since so many events take place in large areas with no built-in WiFi connection, we built a system that can completely operate offline if needed. That gives us a huge leg up on other ticketing platforms that rely on an internet connection to sell tickets on-site.

EventSprout Has Offline Point-Of-Sale and Scanning Capabilities

We know you have a lot to worry about when hosting your event, and we don’t want selling tickets to be one of them. With our EventSprout point-of-sale app, you can accept payments with no internet connection. You can also scan tickets without the internet!

EventSprout Goes Wherever Your Event Goes

With our mobile app, you’re empowered to sell tickets and scan tickets anywhere, even if there’s no WiFi access. This makes EventSprout one of the most reliable and headache-free event ticketing platforms available.

  • Collect customer and payment information at the door
  • Scan tickets & track attendees at the door
  • Can be used at multiple entry points at the same time
  • Works without WiFi access

In our next post, we will explain how our color coded scanning technology immediately identifies ticket types and helps reduce mistakes, deter fraud, and helps the event team direct guests to the correct areas. EventSprout is the best way to sell tickets online and in person. It makes event registration, ticket sales, and ticket scanning a breeze, leaving you free to focus on hosting an amazing event. If you would like more information or a custom demonstration, please contact us today.