Easily ID Tickets with Color Coded Scanning to Reduce Errors & Boost Sales


What Makes EventSprout Unique – Part 4

As guests stand in line to have their tickets scanned to enter your event, our Color Coded Scanning makes it easy for your ticketing team to immediately see they have the right color ticket and are in the right place! This is especially helpful when there are different pricing levels of tickets based on age and/or seating locations.

Easily Identify Child, Adult, VIP Tickets and More with Color Coded Scanning

For example, if an adult, or group of adults, are trying to enter a venue with less expensive children’s tickets, the person scanning the tickets can redirect them to a ticketing booth (or representative) to correctly adjust their prices so they may enter the venue. In the long run, this helps reduce accidental error, circumvent intentional fraud, and boosts revenues.

Color Coded Scanning Helps Direct Guests to the Right Seats

People pay a premium for VIP seats and reserved seating. Our Color Coded Scanning helps ensure guests are in the right area and can easily find their seats. This also prevents people who are trying to sneak into spaces they shouldn’t be to have the ticketing team easily redirect them to their proper designated seating area.

In our next post, we will cover the customizable features in our Self Service ticketing option. We will also provide an overview of our Full Service ticketing option that offers a completely customized white-glove ticketing experience like no other.  EventSprout is the best way to sell tickets online and in person. It makes event registration, ticket sales, and ticket scanning a breeze, leaving you free to focus on hosting an amazing event. If you would like more information or a custom demonstration, please contact us today.