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Explore the EventSprout Platform

EventSprout is fully featured event management software. Let’s review some of the key features that make event management a breeze.
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It’s the one tool you need


We built EventSprout to be intuitive, so there isn’t a huge learning curve.


For simple events, you can be up and running on EventSprout in minutes.


EventSprout is one of the most customizable event platforms available.


EventSprout is built to work flawlessly, even when you don’t have internet access.

Who is EventSprout For?

EventSprout is perfect for anyone who wants a simple, yet customizable platform for creating, managing, and marketing events. Whether you’re an individual hosting a one-off event or a large organization managing large ongoing events, you’ll find EventSprout easy to use and customizable enough to handle almost anything you throw at it. Keep scrolling to see our powerful features.
laptop displaying EventSprout's dashboard.

EventSprout Setup

You shouldn’t have to fight with your event software to get a new event setup and ready for ticket sales. EventSprout is easy and intuitive.

Easily Duplicate events

Have an event you want to run again? Just duplicate it!

tag & organize events

Managing lots of events is a breeze with tagging.

create grouped tickets

Ticket groups help you bundle features and increase revenue.

public & private events

Make events open to the public or set them as private.

Automated event reminders

Keep your event top of mind at all times.

EventSprout Customization

Need to mold the EventSprout platform to your specific needs? We’ve built in powerful customization options.

custom landing pages

Market and sell your event exactly as you envision.

Custom checkout

Tailor your checkout experience for maximum conversions.

custom pdf tickets

Extend your branding, colors, and design to your tickets.

reserved seating charts

Keep your event organized with assigned seating.

embeddable ticket widgets

Sell tickets on any page with embeddable widgets.

customizable reports

Get access to the data you need and cut out the fluff.
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EventSprout Ticket Sales

Sell tickets online or offline, with an internet connection or without. When it comes to ticket sales, EventSprout is second to none.

dynamic pricing

Create automatic price changes based on factors like date and demand to generate more urgency.

shared ticket inventory

Sell multiple types of tickets and packages without ever exceeding your total ticket inventory.

sell merch & add-ons

Increase average order value (AOV) by upselling merchandise and other optional add-ons.

flat & roundup donations

Want to add crowdfunding for charity into your ticket sales? Use our flat amount or round-up features.

stripe integration

EventSprout integrates with Stripe, the web's largest and most trusted credit card processing service.

custom buyer info

Need more personal information on your buyers? Collect what you need with custom data fields.

EventSprout Virtual

We’re keeping up with the times. Use our new live streaming platform or opt for the familiar Zoom platform through our direct integration.

native live streaming

EventSprout supports native live streaming in HD.

Zoom Integration

Want to run conventional Zoom events? It's easy in EventSprout!

live chat

Our native live streaming platform allows live chat for all participants.

Hybrid Events

Run live + virtual events at the same time with one platform.
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EventSprout Marketing

If marketing and growing your event is important to you, you’ll love EventSprout’s marketing features.

mailchimp integration

Use MailChimp for email marketing? We have a seamless integration.

emarsys integration

Use Emarsys for customer management? We have you covered.

Promo Codes

Offer exclusive discounts with dynamic promotional codes.

Access Codes

Allows organizers to offer proprietary access to unique tickets and pricing for select buyers

Affiliate Marketing

Recruit affiliates to help market your event and manage them right inside EventSprout.

Custom Landing Page

Custom landing pages let you market your event online without having to build a full website.

EventSprout Management

Take the stress out of event management. With EventSprout you can manage your event and scan tickets with or without an internet connection.

Offline Scanning & Selling

Sell and scan tickets from anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Mobile App

The EventSprout mobile app puts event management at your fingertips.

pos & scanning equipment

Full POS and scanning equipment is available for larger sellers.

On-Site support

We provide on-site support for larger events to make sure everything runs smoothly.

edit or refund in real-time

Need to change or refund a transaction on the spot? It's easy.

will call & attendee lists

Stay super organized with will call and full attendee lists.
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EventSprout Analytics

Growing your events means tracking the data that matters. That’s why we’ve equipped EventSprout with a fully featured analytics & reporting system.

real-time reports

Quick access to up-to-date event analytics and stats.

benchmark data

Compare your event performance to see how you stack up.

location heat maps

See where your events are performing best.

demographic reports

Learn more about the people attending your events.
EventSprout dashboard displayed on laptop.

Create an Event Today!

EventSprout is free to use. There’s no credit card required. Even when you’re ready to start selling tickets, you can use EventSprout without ever paying a penny.