Easily Sell Tickets Online & at the Door

EventSprout is the best way to sell tickets online and in-person. It makes event registration, ticket sales, and ticket scanning a breeze, leaving you free to focus on hosting an amazing event.

Sell & Scan Tickets

Sell tickets online or in-person and scan tickets anywhere, even without an internet connection. EventSprout gives you unlimited flexibility.

Get Paid Instantly

Your money is yours, immediately. Unlike many online ticketing platforms, EventSprout never holds your money for any reason.

No Organizer Fees

EventSprout is free for event organizers. You can host an unlimited number of events and sell tickets online without paying us a penny.

Finally! A simple, flexible, rock-solid system for selling tickets anywhere.

EventSprout was built for event organizers looking for a ticketing platform that’s free, easy to use, and flexible, so you can get up and running in no time, sell the way you want to sell, and host your event anywhere without headaches.

  • Completely customizable to your event type
  • Sell from your website or a custom event landing page
  • Sell tickets online or in person
  • Dynamic ticket pricing helps you maximize sales
  • Organize unlimited events and pay nothing
Online Ticket Sales Made Easy

Start Selling Tickets Online for Free in
4 Simple Steps

Selling tickets online is a breeze with EventSprout. Even though our platform is powerful and has a ton of options for customization, the primary goal is to make event setup simple and easy.

Quickly Create Events

Whether you are organizing a major festival or a small charity run, EventSprout makes it easy to create a custom event page for your event. Add your logo, photos, color scheme, and more.

Promote & Sell Tickets

Promote your event and sell tickets online. Or, use the EventSprout mobile app to sell tickets in-person, even without WiFi. Sell the way you want to sell!

Get Paid Right Away

Money from each ticket sale is sent directly to your bank account without delay so you can access your ticket revenue and put it to use as soon as possible.

Scan Tickets & Track Attendees

Need to track attendance to your event? No problem. With the EventSprout mobile app you can track attendees across multiple devices and venue entry points.

Sell Tickets Online

EventSprout Goes
Wherever Your Event Goes

With our mobile app, you’re empowered to sell tickets and scan tickets anywhere, even if there’s no WiFi access. This makes EventSprout one of the most reliable and headache-free event ticketing platforms available.

  • Collect customer and payment information at the door
  • Scan tickets & track attendees at the door
  • Can be used at multiple entry points at the same time
  • Works without WiFi access
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EventSprout Mobile App

Track Your Events With
Detailed Analytics & Reporting

EventSprout will give you key insights about your customers and their buying patterns so you can improve your marketing, reach more of the right people, and make your events more profitable.

Revenue By Source

Track and compare ticket sales that were made online vs. in person at the door.

Ticket Sales Over Time

Track buying patterns across the months, weeks, and days leading up to your event.

Compare Events

See which events perform the best based on time of year, type of event, ticket prices, and more.

Track Attendee Location

Understand where your fans are coming from so that you can best market to them for future events.

EventSprout Analytics
Clients Testimonials

Here’s What Our Event Organizers Have To Say About Us

Why Us?

Our mission is to be the simplest, most reliable, and most flexible way to organize successful events, sell tickets online and in-person, and track attendees. We’re willing to do what other event platforms aren’t by offering an unprecedented level of customization and customer service.

EventSprout was designed by event organizers for event organizers.

We’re committed to full customization so you can sell how you want to sell.

We’re committed to the constant improvement of our platform.

We go beyond ticket sales by giving you tools to market & promote your event.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with the following event organizers

Midland Airshow
Wings Over Dallas
Thunder Over Michigan
California Capital Airshow
Sandwich Fair
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Close to 60 percent of event organizers believe a “hybrid event platform” that manages both virtual and in-person events will be a key part of their 2021 event strategy.

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EventSprout Mailchimp EventSprout Zoom EventSprout Facebook EventSprout Zapier
EventSprout Kissmetrics EventSprout Google Analytics EventSprout Google Sheets EventSprout Google Drive

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