ICAS Foundation Dinner

6405 Enworth Street, Las Vegas, NV
Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Event Information

Don’t Miss a New ICAS Foundation Fundraising Event at the 2022 Convention

This is not a boring rubber-chicken dinner.  Join us Wednesday, December 14th, from 6pm to 9pm, for our private party at the Shelby American Experience.  Founded in 1962, Shelby American is the only car manufacturer in Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada. Guests will get close-up views of these distinctive American Muscle machines as well as a look at rare cars that belonged to Carroll Shelby, an American icon in automotive design. Custom guided tours will include behind the scenes views from the pony wall and the opportunity to sign the Carroll Shelby Signature Wall.  For dinner you’ll stroll around multiple-themed food stations with three complimentary bars that will offer beer, wine, cocktails and margaritas. Your $250 ticket includes all of this as well as a financial contribution to the important work of your ICAS Foundation.  Guests are responsible for their own transportation, which is a 10-15-minute Uber ride from the hotel.  Free parking is available at the facility for those with transportation.