Flow Fests EDU Training

512 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL
Friday, November 3, 2017

Event Information

Flow Fests EDU


• Gain Lesson Plans & Classroom Management Techniques
• Understand Behavior and Development
• Explore Pedagogy and Social Theories of Education
• Elevate your Professional Capacity to Teach Flow Arts

This training is a FULL DAY event. Bring a notebook and a pen, and your props! This training is NOT for the general teaching public, it IS for Flow Artists who are looking for opportunities to bring their art into educational institutions as guest presenters, teachers, and artists-in-residence. 

Flow Fests EDU is the brainchild of Casandra Tanenbaum, MA Contemplative Education

She has been rockin’ all kinds of creations and appearing, Zelig-like, in the background and foreground of arts & education events and organizations throughout the U.S and Canada. Casandra became professional graphic designer while still in high school and an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop more than 15 years ago. Also an educator, she earned a Masters Degree in Contemplative Education from Naropa University. She can write her way out of a wet paper bag but prefers her paper bags DRY and full of monkey dust. Casandra excels in teaching, writing, graphic design, and planning unreasonably fun experiences.

In November 2011 she created and managed the first ever state-wide flow arts festival for Florida, Florida Flow Fest, drawing hundreds of hoopers, yogis, dancers and flow artists together to share, grow and learn. This event grows annually and has garnered award recognition from hooping.org and Broward/Palm Beach New Times for BEST FESTIVAL in 2014.

Casandra also became an ACE Group Fitness Instructor in 2011 and co-authored the Hoola-Fit Hoop Dance Teacher Training program with Abby Albaum of Hoola Monsters.

An educator for over seventeen years, Casandra completed a Masters degree in Contemplative Education at Naropa University in June 2012. A life-long dancer and an avid practitioner of yoga, West African dance and Capoeira, she infuses her hoop classes and personal practice with deep knowledge of creative movement and dance technique across many cultural and fine art forms. Casandra has been digital photographer and digital imaging instructor, a program director for Arts Enrichment Afterschool Programs for at-risk youth in Palm Beach County, a field day presenter in Palm Coast, a competitor/coach/MC/volunteer coordinator for the National Poetry Slam (2003-2011), a coach for both Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach in Brave New Voices youth national poetry slam, contributor to Hooping.org, a homeschooling advocate and consultant, and a Social Studies teacher for grades 6-12. She is also the founder and director of Monkey Dust Productions, a design and event management company in Lake Worth, FL.

Transfer Deadline: October 18, 2017 12:00 pm CST

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Flow Fests EDU Training
512 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL
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